From Army Veteran to Drone Pilot

Dasia Quinn is a highly skilled and versatile professional who has transitioned from a distinguished military career to become a licensed drone pilot. With a strong foundation in the Army, where she served Active Duty for 9 years, Dasia acquired invaluable expertise in strategic planning, tactical operations, and resource management.

After completing her military service, Dasia sought to leverage her extensive experience in a civilian setting. Recognizing the rising importance of drones in various industries, she obtained the necessary certifications and licenses to become a professional drone pilot. Her deep understanding of UAV operations, combined with her military discipline and attention to detail, make her a sought-after expert in the field.

As a licensed drone pilot, Dasia has worked on numerous projects, ranging from aerial photography and videography to real estate photography. Her exceptional piloting skills, technical proficiency, and commitment to safety have earned her a reputation for delivering high-quality results in a timely manner.

Dasia’s unique background allows her to bring a strategic and disciplined approach to her drone operations. She is adept at assessing mission requirements, coordinating flight plans, and leveraging advanced imaging technologies to capture and analyze data.

Overall, Dasia Quinn is a driven and accomplished Army Veteran turned licensed drone pilot, bringing together her military expertise, technical acumen, and passion for unmanned aerial systems to provide exceptional services and contribute to the ever-expanding world of drone applications.



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