Mission Experience
▪ Identify utility pipeline leaks and elevation inconsistencies
▪ Bridge corrosion inspection
▪ Initial pre-pour construction, inspections, and site survey
▪ Residential and commercial real estate photography and videography

Drone Application Experience
▪ Drone Deploy
▪ Autel
▪ Ground Station Pro
▪ DJI Pilot

Flight Hours
▪ 1400+ miles flown in GSP missions (Inside DC FRZ)
▪ 300 hrs with Phantom 4 Pro V2
▪ 245 hrs with M200 and M210 RTK (Inside DC FRZ)
▪ 100 hrs with Mavic 2 Pro
▪ 100 hrs Autel EVO 2 8K

Work Experience
▪ Remote Pilot in command of pipeline inspection projects. Gather imaging data with multi-
spectral and RGB camera to identify pipeline leaks and elevation inconsistencies.
▪ Coordinate with TSA / NCRCC for airspace authorization.
▪ Collect data for FRZ waiver application process.
▪ Create flight plan with Waypoint and 3D missions in Ground Station Pro.
▪ Operating sUAS Drone for initial pre-pour construction, inspections, and site survey.
▪ Assist in bridge corrosion inspection from boat and shore.
▪ Perform drone test flight missions to identify flight maneuvers for drone specific 3D mapping
and imaging.
▪ Upload daily imaging data to client servers for data processing.
▪ Aerial photography and videography for commercial and residential real estate.
▪ Performing daily visual & physical inspections of drones before each mission.
▪ Executing routine drone maintenance including battery & flight logs and perform battery
discharge as required.
▪ Physical drone maintenance comprising rebuild camera mounting system, replace various
drone components, and swap out landing gear mounting bracket with light sensor landing
gear bracket.
▪ Configure camera setting to specific mission or flight specifications.
▪ File preflight daily risk assessment checklist.
▪ Setup and Break down of RTK system.
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Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot