About Darkteck Drones

Darkteck Drones in localized in central NJ . With having FAA Part 107 certification & FCC licensed KD2NQP we have the knowledge and skills needed to get you what you need. We are here to provide quality aerial photography for a broad range of solutions at an affordable price. We can provide support for Solar Roof installation inspections and to help repairs with photos of compromised areas. Construction site shots before during or after a project, helping to provide planning and completion requirements. Real Estate aerial shots always dress up that residential and commercial listings to help sell . See the property like no one else can ! If your a Telecom company that needs a visual view of a transfer towers , antennas , or even a water tower with telecom antennas , Its always lower cost and less risky to have an aerial UAS at your service. We are here to give you what you want when you need it . You are in control of all your shots and the position of the photo. We can supply RAW image data or edited images to your need. Insured through Verifly on demand liability , Check out our Instagram Page for some examples of our work



Laurence Harbor Gazebo & Walk