Aerial UAV Services LLC was founded in late 2014 and located in Lafayette,CO by the beautiful Rocky Mountains , we have been providing quality Unmanned Aerial Service to the public since.

We pilot various types of UAV’s and sensors, including Autel EVO II Enterprise 6k, Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, Phantom 4 Pro v2 UAV’s, the sensors we have on board our fleet include 6k sensor on the EVO II enterprise, thermal sensor 640×512 radiometric on the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced and 1” sensor on the Phantom 4 Pro v2.

Aerial UAV Services LLC uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to do all of our Aerial progress projects, Thermal Inspection, T&D Inspection and Aerial 3D mapping.
With a mission to deliver the best content to our customers, Aerial UAV Services LLC’s goal is simple: we want to showcase our projects to the client whether it be a inspection of a roof or solar farm for any issues or a large acreage that needs to be mapped.

Our mission will present our projects and deliverables in the absolute best light and will clarify if there are any issues that need to be addressed – no matter the type of project we are engaged in we strive to showcase our projects in the best way possible.

First impressions are imperative, and in this day and age that is almost always the photographs and videos that make that first impression.
Aerial UAV Services LLC is proficient conducting Thermal Inspections, 3D Mapping, Orthophotography and T&D inspections using various flight software packages, DroneDeploy, Ground Station Pro, Pix4D, DJI GO, Litchi.

We use various Post Processing applications in our business to give our clients the deliverable that they ask for using the following software packages, Agisoft Metashape Professional, Bentley ContextCapture, Reality Capture, DroneDeploy and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Safety is the utmost Priority for Aerial UAV Services and this priority has become a company value. We will not operate in unsafe conditions and we will not fly blind. Meaning we operate within the fullest extent of control at all times with the aid of GPS Global Positioning Satellites , First Person View and also are very proficient in hands on flying when you don't have a GPS lock .

We take our job, reputation and most of all our customers very seriously and as a result we hold ourselves to the highest standard, with a huge focus on Professionalism and Safety!

We are also fully Certified and Insured plus maintain our FAA 107 Pilot's Certification, NIMS 100 Certification, as well as Level 1 Thermographer Certification.

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  Surveying & Mapping

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