RC hobby for over 25 years. Started building drones and racing FPV five years ago. With over 50 drones I have turned my hobby and love of flying into a part-time career. I especially enjoy construction surveying and mapping. Enjoy all aspects of drone services.

  Agriculture, Boating And Water Sports, Cinematography, Construction, Drone Maintenance, Editing, Event, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Roof Inspection, Surveying & Mapping, Wedding, Other

107.25 - Operation from a Moving Vehicle or Aircraft (Exp: April 4, 2023) - Fly a UAS from a moving aircraft or a vehicle in populated areas
107.29 - Daylight Operations (Exp: April 8, 2023) - Fly a UAS at night
107.31 - Visual Line of Sight Aircraft Operation (Exp: April 4, 2023) - Fly a UAS beyond your ability to clearly determine its orientation with unaided vision
107.33 - Visual Observer (Exp: April 4, 2023) - Use a visual observer without following all visual observer requirements
107.39 - Operation Over People (Exp: April 4, 2023) - Fly a UAS over a person/people

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