Since early childhood, I was very interested in the world of drones. I remember the first time I flew a drone. Now the technology is more advanced than ever, and drones are used across hundreds of industries.

My commercial experience with drones began in 2022 after the acquisition of the land surveying company I was working for. Prior to the acquisition, I was fully aware of the commercial certification process, but never pursued it. However, after the acquisition, the opportunity to study for the Part 107 exam was offered to me. I began studying for the course and after 2 weeks, scheduled the Part 107 exam. On the knowledge test of 60 questions, I passed with a score of 93.

Some projects I have done include 3D mapping, photography, and videography of real estate. Check out @UAVForce on Instagram. View my 4K videos on YouTube:

  Real Estate

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot