About Charles Gbadebo

I have been flying drones for the past 4 years, the past 2 years professionally and have dedicated my craft to changing the way we see our world using creativity, enthusiasm and technology. I am a drone subject matter expert/speaker and advise on the design, operation and deployment of advanced aerial systems for use by photographers, surveyors, cinematographers, being that I'm also a professional photographer and cinematographer for over 10 years now. I have captured over hundreds of thousands of images in my career and have merged his passion for photography with my technical expertise. My goal is to show people the power of a better perspective, and to help raise voices and gain understanding through advanced technology. Recent work includes shooting the Dallas Cowboys Charles Tapper's football camp, video and photography for professional associations, video work for weddings, events, real estate, 2D & 3D mapping for construction sites, consulting with the tollway company on utilizing drones, speaking to students via STEM programs on drones, and more. I have been active in the study and use of this technology for about 4 years now and have experience with the design, construction and operation of multicopters and some fixed-wing aircraft. I am an advocate and educate about the safe, responsible use of small UAVs and currently attending training and workshop events nationwide. As a result of my obsession with safety in all its operations, I have maintained a perfect safety record.


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