At Apex Video Productions our goal is to bring our clientsÂ’ business to greater heights, and now we can literally do that with the addition of a DJI Mavic drone with a 4K camera. Drone technology allows us to obtain video and photographic images that offer the viewers the benefits that aerial perspectives offer. Whether the subject is your buildings and campus, a moving vehicle or truck, a product mounted on a roof or tower, and any other product that is seen better from an aerial. We can even fly in the interior of buildings to obtain a birds eye view of your warehouse, showroom or manufacturing facility.

One of the many things that separate us from some other drone or UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) operators is that we are cinematographers and not just a pilot, we have all the Federal FAA licenses and registrations, we have a North Carolina commercial drone (UAS) operators permit, and we carry liability insurance for our drone operations.
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