About East Coast Drone Works LLC

ECDW has over 7 years of UAV piloting, a large drone fleet & sensors selection, to work for you!
ECDW understands the importance of customer service, and the disciplines needed to produce some of the best aerial products on the market. Professional & Reliable!

!07.29 Daylight Operational Waiver approved. We can LEGALLY fly at night....
Familiar with the LAANC process for auto approvals in controlled airspace. Also familiar with how to get verbal approval for controlled air space

East Coast Drone Works offers:
2D/3D modeling, site mapping inspections, radiometric thermal imaging, multi spec crop mapping, high detail infrastructure inspections and 4K aerial imagery. East Coast Drone works has everything needed to help a business reduce operating costs,
or just to capture important moments in time.

ECDW also performs specialty missions: Locating livestock, herding, fish finding, nuisance wild life scouting and much much more.


Thermal tower inspection

Fire Patrol

Thermal Roof Inspections

Real Estate Demo

Scout & Muster Cattle

Vacant Land Can Be Exciting

Single Property Full Demo

Boating Beaching & Fishing