About Stratoscape Corp

A professional drone service provider that has been flying drones commercially for over 2 years. Stratoscape has a fleet of both multi-rotor and fixed wing aircraft options depending on the need. Using proprietary systems, Stratoscape can mosaic large numbers of photos together for a single base map image (i.e. 200 acres flown at 200 feet in one large image comprised of 1,400 photos). Video capability and video editing services are also available including the addition of post-production effects, music, integration with other video, etc. Stratoscape also has GIS staff to provide spatial data and orthorectification.

Stratoscape's focus is to create value for our clients. Whether it's supporting increasing market visibility, decreasing costs or increasing revenue, success for us is defined as supporting success for you.


Sample Construction Orbit Video

Development Site Video for Community Meeting