I have been a FAA licensed pilot since 2017 and specialize in real LiDAR data collection and post processing. We use high accuracy laser LiDAR. Biscon Aero is a 35-year firm founded as a survey firm and has grown with technology and the needs of our clientele. As technology changes and grows there is a lot of companies that forgo accuracy for speed. Our company chose to use LiDAR instead of photogrammetry so we did not have to choose between speed or accuracy. LiDAR gives us the best of both worlds, we can collect large amounts of data at a very high rate speed and still retain the surveyor level of accuracy that everyone wants. Biscon Aero uses GNSS antennas along with our LiDAR sensor and traditional surveying methods to achieve that accuracy. We post process our data using the global leaders in point cloud software, Novatel for the GNSS data and Terrasolid for handling all of the point cloud post processing.

I am not just the pilot but also the post processor. I have been flying these commercial sized UAVs for 3 years and post processing the data for almost an equal amount of time. I have been trained on all of our software extensively and keep up do date with pilot and software training.

Biscon Aero not only does surveying, Biscon Aero also does site inspections, cell tower inspections, power line inspections, orthomosaics, progression photos, videos, and many other flight related tasks.
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