I have years of experience with rc airplanes and helicopters. I use to develop my own pictures so I am good at photography too. I am licensed drone pilot with insurance on my two drones. They are also registered with the FAA. I have been flying professionally for over a year. I have two DJI drones. Inspire 1.2 and Phantom Four Pro. Throughout the years I have trained hundreds of people to fly rc airplanes, helicopters, and recently drones. I have also built my own rc airplanes and repaired tons of other peoples. I have been flying electric rc airplanes and helicopters since the nineties when they were in their infancy. When I was in the army I was an Air Traffic Controller. I also had the privilege of working with the very first small drones the army was working on.

Currently I am working on a special rc airplane conversion to help the forest service and counties to find, rescue people, poachers, drop AEDs ( hart machines) or other needed items that can fly over thirty miles away. I currently submitted a wavier to fly BVR ( Beyond Visual Range) so we can make this rescue drone a reality.
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