We specialize in working with city utilities, local water districts, and residential owners to capture imagery to help our clients better understand and monitor their property. Often times it is more cost effective and safer to fly a reconnaissance mission with one of our drones before sending workers out to the field. Depending on the application, we deliver imagery, videos, or 3D models captured from our drone-mounted cameras. Accurate measurements and high resolution imagery can be extracted from the dataset. We can deliver raw imagery or georectified maps in a GIS or Google Earth environment.

We can capture RGB-photos, thermal photos, video, and even satellite imagery!

Examples of past studies:

City Utilities
-Pipeline monitoring
-Tower inspection

Water Districts
-Dam imaging and modeling
-Spillway monitoring
-Levee and water canal monitoring

-Hillside and sea-cliff retreat monitoring
-Roof and property monitoring (valuable for insurance purposes!)
-Landscape planning
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