Steven Caldwell is the Co-Founder/Managing Partner of Air Shot Live and a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Steven has spent many years behind a camera, capturing the priceless moments of family and friends. As a photographer, he strives for his photos to tell the story of a bold, exciting world-one in which the subject, be a product or a person, stands out, and shines. Viewers should be transported to that moment and feel like they are reliving it. Delivering results from a process by which he brings the creative brief to life and makes the subject part of the story.

This is the power that photography's always had for me. I recognized it from a young age when I would watch my father gather countless images of every moment he cherished through his walks of life. The moments he would capture are still, to this day, nothing short of inspiring.


Jack B.
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Good photos as instructed, good timing and cooperation, - great job!! I recommend!

Jan. 8, 2023
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