FlyBy Digital Media ("FBDM") strives on safely capturing aerial footage that will highlight your unique vision and produce stunning visuals from a diverse perspective. We offer cost efficient drone packages that enable our clients to obtain aerial footage where it once would have been too expensive. FBDM is one of the most authorized and experienced commercial UAV companies in DFW with authorizations for EVERY airspace in DFW and even further out!

We utilize the latest technology in aerial equipment with an eight rotor multi-copter and a four rotor multi-copter (a.k.a. drone, UAV, UAS) with autonomous flying capabilities (predefined route), altitude sensors, GPS position to maintain a single position, fail-safes, and many other features. We also use live monitoring of the drones systems via remote up-link, live video feed, and line of sight viewing to ensure we are operating as safely as we can.

All of our video equipment, while small and light, offers full 4k, 2.7k, 1080p and 720p allowing crisp, clean photos and videos. Our cameras are mounted via a multi-axis gimbal that is self-adjusting so even in fast turns or cross winds you still get a nice, level picture. We are also fully capable of providing mapping services with all of our drones.

The safety of everyone and everything around us is our number one priority. Our ground station consists of a large monitor for live viewing when the while the action is taking place. We also use a high performing laptop that monitors the flight performance, signal strength, battery levels, altitude, pitch, roll, yaw, speed, and so much more. We can even take over the drones via the computer should an unforeseen situation arise. As stated above, all of our drones have on-board flight control systems that are fully equipped with autonomous flying capabilities (predefined routes), altitude sensors, GPS positioning, fail-safes, and many other features aimed directly towards a safe and stable flight.

When we use a multi-copter:
-When safety of people and property on the ground is not at risk
-At altitudes of not more than 400? AGL
-Wind conditions permitting (typically <15kts)
-Indoor aerials for stunning views and positions

A video equipped multi-copter, while seeming insignificant compared to a full size aircraft, has the potential to cause injury and damage if proper precautions are not taken. We always start with these basic guidelines, and expand from there as needed:
-We make sure the equipment has been properly maintained and inspected.
-Shooting conditions are properly evaluated.
-Shots are carefully pre-planned with expected flight paths fully evaluated for obstacles and proximity to persons on the ground. We never let the copter out of site of the pilot.
-Ground briefings are held with all those involved prior to flight.
-We are fanatical about proximity to airports, airways, approach segments, and heliports and will immediately terminate a flight if necessary.
-No flight continues when battery life approaches 70% depletion, or sooner.
-We will not fly over large assemblies of people.

With safety being our number one concern, FlyBy Digital Media reserves the right to terminate a flight prior to takeoff, during flight, or at any other time conditions become unfavorable in our opinion and at our discretion.

Whether shooting a vast estate, an immense commercial property, or just a fun family event, we can fit you with the right equipment and professional operators to achieve stunning aerial Photography and video.
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