About Aerialvisions

Started using drones for hard to reach areas after hurricane Sandy. I had an inspection to do on a church steeple in New Jersey. I tried using a camera with a good zoom lens but could just not get what I needed. I purchased a drone, practiced with it a couple hours and got the photos I needed. Have been using a drone ever since.

I have flown 3 drones. The best that I experienced is the DJI line of drones. I have the Inspire One with the Zemuse XT which is a thermal camera. Can be used for search and rescue, inspecting roofs for leaks and damage, overheating industrial equipment and finding sick livestock in a herd.

I am glad to see the FAA stepping up in regards to the drone industry, making it safer and more professional. I obtained my FAA part 107 sUAS pilot certificate early on



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