I first got in to aviation when I was 16yrs old; getting my private pilot certificate when I was 17. I moved on to earn my commercial multi-engine rating when I was 18. I then began to fly for a local business transporting planes around the country for flight school and other business. As my career progressed I began to fly small corporate aircraft, including light jets. September 11, 2001 changed my career path for ever. It also impacted the aviation industry and I was laid off. I knew that I had to serve, but just didn't know in what capacity I would do it. I returned to college and then became full time law enforcement and have been serving my community for the past 11 years. I am now a supervisor for that agency. When sUAS aircraft or "drones" became more mainstream I decided to start looking in to them as a possible business venture. I have always had a passion for photography and love capturing emotional moments. I have photographed several of my friend's and families' weddings, police officer funerals(which have been some of the most emotional moments I have ever captured), and countless other events. My goal with this business is to provide a great and unique aerial service to people which hasn't been affordable in the past using traditional aviation methods. I am licensed by the FAA for sUAS operations and fully insured. I am committed to service and committed to brining my clients great products at fair and reasonable industry prices.

The hourly rate listed is a basic rate for our services. Rates are based on the specific location, size, duration, and specific needs of the project. Please feel free to ask for a quote. A minimal charge will be incurred for projects outside of the Tulsa Metro area. We will work with you on travel charges so that the project can be accomplished within your budget.
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  Cinematography, Editing, Event

  Construction, Editing, Infrastructure, Surveying & Mapping

  Cinematography, Editing

  Construction, Infrastructure, Surveying & Mapping

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