About Force One Drone/Cafae Studios

As a previous Private Pilot (single engine, land) I had to fully understand and follow all FAA regulations. It's no different as a Drone Pilot and safety is the top factor in every mission.

In our industry (cinematography), being a pilot isn't enough. It's more than owning the equipment and software. It’s having the ability to create a production! A production that requires a combination of skills that merge together to create a unique and memorable experience for those who request your service.

- FAA Certified Part 107 since 2017 (sUAS)
- 7 years editing videos
- 3 years capturing & editing photos
- 3 years capturing & editing life-event/commercial videos.


Outdoor, Lakeside Wedding - Mr & Mrs Sampson

Catholic Wedding and Fun Reception - Mr & Mrs Day

Simple, Christian Outdoor Wedding - Mr & Mrs Hammonds