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Drone Imagery Lab has over 17 years of advanced GIS and GPS experience in addition to sUAS expertise, we are uniquely qualified to satisfy the requirements. Unlike many pilots entering the market today, Drone Imagery Lab carries an annual general and sUAS liability insurance policy. The company has also been sUAS Safety Management System certified by Wolf UAS, a leading aviation and sUAS aviation training expert. I encourage potential clients to visit our website www.droneimagerylab.com for some small samples. I can also send links to navigate 2D and 3D models we have created for clients with the ability to measure structures in 3D within an INCH of accuracy. Recently, Drone Imagery Lab consulted on mission planning, flying, and creating the measurable 3D model of the tragic Bronx apartment fire so the client can measure all aspects of the structure.

In general, when choosing a pilot - Make sure the pilot shows you ahead of time:
1) general liability insurance
2) w-9
3) aviation liability insurance (very different from general)
4)make sure the policies are in writing(get a copy of the COI) and not on demand app based (like Verifly) (
there are many pilots unwillin to pay annual premiums)
5) get written proof of airspace authorization www.airmap.com They should be able to tell you what heliports and airports they alerted before flight with # and contact info. Companies that hire uav pilots are up to 11x more culpable to lawsuit and fines than the actual pilot.
6) make sure the pilot provides examples of work, especially if the work involves high-end product delivery

Please also visit my LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-kahn-914733ab/
This contains my personal GIS, GNSS, Inspection (cell tower), and sUAV experience. Hopefully, this information, my history, awards, publications, etc. will provide potential clients with some insight into the experience and professionalism they might be hiring, should they choose to award a contract to Drone Imagery Lab.

Thank you for your consideration,
Chris Kahn MGIS, GISP, Part 107
Principal, Drone Imagery Lab, LLC
[email protected]
(c) 856.281.4926


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