The business idea for Charles Smith Video Productions came about from the true visionary himself, Charles R. Smith, Jr. (or Charles Smith*). It started when Charles Smith got his first camcorder at 3 years old. At that time it was a Tyco VideoCam TVC 8000 black & white Camcorder, designed just for kids, which had no storage media, but had to be hooked up to a VCR or other recording device. It ran on 3 AA batteries. When his aunt purchased it for him, he immediately grew fond of this camera. He loved seeing himself and the people he knew on TV. He loved the camera so much so, that he wouldn't stop using it, which worried his mother very much so. She thought that he was too young for a video camera and might misuse it by carelessly dropping it on the ground, so she hid it from him at times. However, this was not the case with Charles Smith! He was mature for his age. At age 6, Charles used this camera to create his own TV personality show, talking about whatever came to his mind. He also created video dramas between his Lego toy figures and 'G'-Scale Model train sets.

When Charles was 8 years old, his mother finally trusted him with video technology and bought him his first adult-style camcorder, Panasonic Quasar Palmcorder VM-D51. This time, the camera was the real deal, and it was in full color! It used VHS-C tapes, with auto-date function, cassette duration display, title and date stamp feature, and multiple fade effects. At that time, this camcorder had cost around $300, a large sum of money at that time to invest in a camcorder of that magnitude for a child. From there, Charles proved himself fully competent of using that camcorder. From then on, Charles went on fully using his camcorder filming his piano recitals, to filming festivities at his school, such as evening dances and end of the year farewells, to student council campaign videos when he was in 8th grade for his presidential campaign.

In October 2007, the business of wedding videography fully emerged to great productivity, thus becoming known as Charles Smith Video Productions as we know today. The business evolved over time, when at first in 2005, Charles Smith went from filming weddings as an "odd job" recording them to VHS, just make money over the summer to producing theatrical Hollywood-style wedding videos to DVD with Professional DVD Motion Title Menus DVD cases and stunning sound tracks.

As the years go on, Charles Smith Video Productions continues to expand their horizons, using the most advanced High Definition (HD) Cameras and High Capacity DVDs along with cutting-edge video-editing technology to ensure that you'll always have the satisfaction of enjoying that special day over and over without loosing one bit of high video resolution. With the experience of an individual such as Charles Smith who has known about and used video technology since he was 3 years old, almost all his life, wouldn't you think he's the most qualified to film an event? So, isn't it time you have your upcoming wedding filmed and preserved by us?

Charles Smith Video Productions. Relive the moment.
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