About Loose Arrow Media Productions

With nearly 30 years of creative experience, starting in photography, then moving into videography, then cinematography, then editing, and I've been flying RC aircraft and helicopters all of my life, and focused on flying quadcopters exclusively since 2002, and I have worked with such notable names as Microsoft, Federal Express Corp., Explor Films, Apple, Disney Studios, FLIR, John Deer Power Systems, various restaurants, YouTube personalities, musicians, advertising professionals, and real estate agents and offices throughout my home state of Washington, and across the U.S., and many, many more.

I have the skills, training, knowledge and equipment to tackle any project, big or small. I keep my rates super-affordable, and super-flexible. I'm always the consummate professional, and will always make sure you get the most from your investment with me.



A 9/11 Memorial


Snow Flight

Construction Site Updates

A View of Mt.Rainier

High Cedars Golf Course

South End Auto Wrecking Video Promo

Picha's Pumpkin Patch

B-Roll Examples