Originally from Chicago, moved to Arizona in 2014. Began as an audio engineer for network television sporting events in 1998, able to shoot UAV footage then mix audio to match. FAA Certified Private Pilot with with all rights and privileges which are associated with the title. Family originated in Chicago (Evanston / Barrington), lived in Kansas City (Olathe), went to Southern Illinois (JALC) & Milwaukee (MATC) for college and further studies. Worked throughout the Chicago area and Big Ten Conference region for the Big Ten Network. Since being in the Phoenix area my services are shared with the PAC 12 Network (ASU & UA), the Arizona Coyotes (NHL), and CBS Sports Network. Started flying with my father before I was 10 years old. Both aviation and broadcast production have shared my interest. I enjoy the innovation of the consumer UAV where these two skill sets can be utilized and increase experience in each aspect of the two fields.
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  Cinematography, Editing, Other

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