We are a small aerial photography and videography business that works with other Metro Detroit businesses, big or small, to provide a different perspective to enhance or market their business. We have the ability to provide ground photography and videography as well. Combining aerial and ground media offers a very unique experience to enhance or add value to any project from residential real estate, commercial real estate, construction progress, roof inspections, wedding and special event photos/videos plus more!

Having a passion for creativity and always having a love for new technology, we got into photography/videography several years ago. Adding the ability of using drones as a whole new perspective brought about a new way to provide a better experience and product to customers. Drones are a great tool for all sorts of different industries and types of work. I really enjoy doing landscapes, cityscapes, real estate, golf courses, construction sites and special events such as car shows, gatherings and parties. I love meeting and working with new people while maintaining a long-time working relationship.

I also do ground photography if needed!

  Cinematography, Editing

  Editing, Real Estate, Roof Inspection

  Editing, Real Estate, Roof Inspection

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot