I am new to commercial drone Pilot work, but am open to any needs anyone may have. I have a passion for film, which may come in use for some. I currently have a DJI Mini 3 Pro, but am open to using other drones even if unfamiliar. My goal is safety first (as well as legal flying), but also making sure I get the content needed for customers. If you hire me, you will be hiring someone committed to doing the right thing, and working hard for you.

Depending on the work you want, I normally fly to get images or videos and my wife does editing to create what we have in mind. If this something you want from us, we work as a team in that regard. If you simply want Raw images and want to create your own project, I am also more than happy to capture that for you as well.

I have some experience with bigger customers and Universities (including University of Cincinnati). No customer or job is too big, I am happy to work with whomever!

  Cinematography, Other

  Event, Other

  • DJI Mini 3 Pro
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