About Burk Aerial

As a team of artists, we have explored many different mediums from music to illustration, graphic and print design and photography and video production. While we have found that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to, we have always excelled most with video production. After a fairly long stretch in the Graphic Design industry, we have recently taken the plunge into Video Production and Photography full time. From the first time we completed our first video project we were hooked and we have spent the better part of the last decade studying, learning and practicing everything we can to become better creators. While we still have much to learn, we know this is where our passion lies and the main reason why we have decided to make it our main focus.

Once we were able to fly a drone for the first time, we immediately realized what they could do for us as creators. We knew right away that we couldn't afford not to have one. So we began researching what it would take to obtain licensing, began studying. We received our certification, raised the capital to purchase our first drone and then started a small drone business in Texas and have been working on growing that business ever since.


Drone Demo Reel 2017

Palmer Lake 2