I provide aero-mechanical engineering consulting and specialize in UAS/UAV aircraft design, operations, and services. I've worked on new proprietary flight controls and user/pilot interface development. I have been involved with and offering UAV enhanced aerial photography, filming, police/security, special events, and systems/flight training as well. I have performed these services using many OTS air frames, and also proprietary platforms of my own design. I also hold FAA Section 333 exemption (#16097), an FAA Part 107 sUAS License, Irish/UK registration (SUA ID: IE-112567), and my AMA Member number is 752767.

I am an FAA certified private pilot, and have been flying RC aircraft and UAVs for over 35 years. I have a passion for aviation safety altogether, on any scale, and a particular focus on expanding the advantages of vertical flight. The purposeful integration of efficient high speed VTOL aircraft will continue to change how people use aviation to augment both business and personal air travel, and to improve and add to the exponentially growing UAV markets and services as well. Manned and unmanned, particularly fixed-wing VTOL aircraft will greatly increase effectiveness and improve mission profiles for a plethora of civilian and military operations.

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