Drawn to aerial filming from 90s in music videos for Virgin Records and EMI. Commercials for UK banks with somewhat higher budgets allowed the occasional chopper shots with military pilots and huge gimbals with unaffordable insurance liability.

Skip forward to the drone era and you had me at 'Phantom 1'. Several upgrades and downgrades later I I have formed a deep and meaningful relationship with a box of plastic, glass and electronics AKA Mavic pro 2. That Hasselblad camera, 1 inch sensor and stable as you like flight paths are like a dream to me.

Ok, everyone can fall in love with a piece of kit - but what I think I bring to the table is how to plan, shoot and most importantly POST PRODUCE a good product. I know DaVinci Resolve color correction inside out. Sky enhancements, replacements, scrub unwanted elements and correct lens distortions. I get the MOST from LOG footage, up to 8 stops of dynamic range (14 stops for RAW stills). Heck, that is more than from the 16mm film camera I strapped to my Uncle's model Spitfire in 1989!

I have a license, plenty of kit, an assistant and a car plenty big enough for the three of us.
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