Matt Gunther: Capturing Life's Essence Through a Lens

Meet Matt Gunther, a true New Yorker with a remarkable talent for capturing the essence of people and places through the lens of his camera. As a seasoned filmmaker and photographer, Matt has dedicated his career to documenting the unique moments that define our world.

Unveiling Vulnerability and Compassion: Matt's portraits are more than just pictures; they are windows into the human soul. With a keen eye and a profound understanding of his subjects, he unveils the vulnerability and compassion at their core. Whether he's photographing icons like Mike Tyson and Angelina Jolie or those living life on the edge like skateboarders, Matt excels at controlling the narrative and telling stories through his art.

Educator and Inspirational Speaker: Beyond his lens, Matt shares his passion for photography by lecturing in the heart of New York City at institutions like Pratt and the School of Visual Arts. His knowledge and dedication to the craft inspire the next generation of photographers.

A Legacy of Excellence: Matt earned his Bachelor's in Fine Arts from SUNY Purchase, setting the stage for his exceptional career. His work has graced the pages of prestigious international and national publications, including The New York Times Magazine, Time, Newsweek, London Sunday Times, ID, and Gentlemen's Quarterly. It's no surprise that his work has garnered numerous awards and accolades, featured in publications like American Photography, PDN, and Communication Arts.

A Place in History: Matt's work has transcended the world of magazines and galleries, finding its place in the permanent collections of esteemed institutions like the Brooklyn Museum and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Books that Tell Stories: In addition to his photographic endeavors, Matt has authored several compelling books, including the thought-provoking "Contact High: A History of Hip Hop" in 2018, "Probable Cause" in 2015, a 10-year investigation embedded within the police force of Newark, NJ, and "One Thousand Years: Portraits of Native Americans Across North America" in 2002, among others.

Through his lens and words, Matt Gunther continues to capture the world's beauty, vulnerability, and compassion, leaving an indelible mark on the world of photography and storytelling.
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