About Blossom Aerobotics

Matt Sharratt is the founder of Blossom Aerobotics and its on-staff drone pilot. He's been designing, building and piloting both multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones on a hobby basis for years, but in 2018 he became a FAA licensed Remote Pilot. Fully insured and equipped for commercial operations, Matt is able to accomplish almost any objective, but his specialty is unusual, often technical and/or risky missions. Whether for physical or legal reasons, most pilots chose not to fly these, but he finds them invigorating. Not because he's a showboat, but because he enjoys the added thrill of success that comes from minimizing risk through a well thought-out plan, then executing to perfection.

Some of the sorts of missions that Matt prefers include:

Flying in variable conditions and over water
Flying around (not above) people
Flying in low-profile "stealth" mode
Flying in questionable locales, as long as there is zero human risk and minimal disturbance to others


2 min. Demo Video with Parrot ANAFI drone