Photography started early on in life for me. In my youth dad had already been working in the industry and such I was handed a camera at an early age. I even developed my own film as a kid in our basement darkroom. Yep I caught the bug early on and have been a photo enthusiast ever since.

Over the years I looked for different perspectives with regards to my photography and about 3 years ago I was gifted a ‘flying camera’ and just like that was hooked. I had finally found that new perspective I was searching for - aerial photography was just the ticket. Since then I obtained a Part 107 FAA Remote Pilots Certificate and accumulated quite a fleet of drones to add to my photography gear. If interested I’ll leave a list below.

Some of the types of imagery I've taken over the years - Construction Progress Photos, Insurance Claim Photos, Product Photos, Inspection and Survey Photos, Travel, Real Estate, Landscape, Sunrise/Sunset, Promotional Photos

Insurance furnished upon request

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Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
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