About SkyBox

Hello my name is Brian and I'm the owner and founder of SkyBox. I have flown over 130 missions in a variety of situations with currently over 60 hours of flight time. We are fully insured and carry a minimum of $1,000,000 on liability insurance.

I started my technical career as an IT software analyst and later a software architect. I have always been fascinated with technology and have always looked for ways to leverage it's potential in different arenas.

As I began investigating UAVs I first looked at how to program them for automated flight scenarios. As I became an avid UAV enthusiast I started flying UAVs as a hobby. As UAVs became more prevalent in multiple application arenas I decided to put my skills to use and began flying UAVs to capture aerial photos and videos.

SkyBox exists as a business to help bring these capabilities to you at a cost effective price with high quality photos and videos. We provide aerial video and photos, site inspections including roof and cell towers, and high quality video and music editing.


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Amoroso Estates

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Galaxy Builders

Roof Inspection is a lonely job

SkyBox Aerial @Medinal Lake


Lonely River House

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