We primarily conduct aerial mapping operations for commercial development projects. This includes pre- and post-construction mapping of oil and gas pipelines, transmission lines, roadways, bridges, or other infrastructure. We can produce 2D maps and 3D models with out in-house, custom-built processing computers. If you need help just processing maps, I can assist with this. If you need help creating maps for proposed projects, I can also help with this. We recently completed a 52-mile pipeline 2D map, providing our client with 2 cm / pixel resolution with a 4 cm level GPS accuracy. We operate both fixed-wing and quad-style drones. We also offer mapping, real estate, inspection, drone training, and research flights

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Jake Huddelston
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Ben did a stellar job shooting 4 different properties for us in one day. Great footage, great communication, and a real pleasure to work with. Would hire again in a heartbeat.

Nov. 8, 2020

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