Aerial Visions is the leader in commercial roofing, building envelope, tall complex and historical building envelope inspection. We are FLIR Certified Thermographers using aerial Zenmuse XT FLIR Thermal Infra-Red Radiometric Scanners for roofing and building envelope heat loss. We know what to look for and will document it for you. Hundreds of successful flights and missions, fully FAA Part 107 compliant and always insured to $1,000,000. We can inspect and document any building, structure or facility and provide the data to you promptly, professionally, on time and within budget. Award winning, successful construction contractor for decades, with over 3500 hrs piloting UAS of all types. we know the industry and we know how to capture the images and detail you need.

  Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Event, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Roof Inspection, Surveying & Mapping

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot