I am a highly skilled pilot at a major airline that unfortunately had a medical issue preventing me from retaining a FAA Medical certificate. I am seeking alternative career paths, preferably in an aviation related field. Per my USAF experience I have a high regard for and thoroughly enjoy training students in aviation related aspects. The closest area I think that I could get to actually flying would be as a Simulator Instructor Pilot and should a position become available, I would like to be evaluated for such. With the advent of the fast growing arena of drones and uavs, I feel that my skillset would also be an asset for any employer in this area. I have most recently taken and passed the FAA's remote pilot certification testing allowing me to fly or supervise commercial UAS/ Drone operations.
I have now been flying drones for over two years and have accrued countless safe and successful missions.
I am skilled at using my highly advanced DJI Phantom 4 drone to do aerial photography and videography that can meet and surpass all of your expectations in a cost effective expeditious manner.
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