About Andromeda Media Solutions, LLC

I am a real estate media expert, with the capabilities to film interior footage and exterior footage. We use our entire arsenal to bring your vision to life. We use 4K cameras, Video with stabilizers, and a complete drone fleet designed to capture amazing footage. As a full service media solution we have an post-production department that not only edits the images but can make amazing videos with music overlay, text/graphics,narration,special effects , and more. We specialize in Real Estate, Outdoor Event,Sports, and marine footage for cleints looking to sell their boats and marinas get more members. I absolutely love what we do and work together with our clients to realize their vision. We even have post-delivery services for those not familiar with uploading video and using today social media and technology. So do not worry I work doesn't end at delivery! We also guarantee our work by also giving you 10 days to let us know if you like us to change something, or make a correction. As a fairly new company, and being family owned, we take a different perspective!


Promotion Video From Spring Clients to Rock Music. Enjoy..

Spring Demo from b-roll footage

Company Yearly "Hospitality Games" where the combine a picnic with a industry related games to decide a winning team