About Aeroworks Productions, LLC.

Aeroworks Productions, LLC is FAA approved, insured and operated by licensed FAA pilots. We specialize in aerial mapping, 3D structure scans, SAR, 4K HD Video Production and Still Photography.

Aeroworks Services include-

- 4K HD Video Production
- Construction Mapping
- NDVI Agricultural Crop Surveys
- Thermal Imaging & Utility Inspections
- Wind & Cell Tower Inspections
- Search & Rescue Assistance
- Volumetric Measurements
- High Resolution Still Photography
- 3D Structure Scans- LIVE Aerial Broadcast
- 3D Interior Scans
- Construction Aerial Photos
- Commercials
- Investigative Assistance
- Aerial Surveys
- sUAS Flight Instruction
- Consultation
- Insurance Claim Authentication
- Schematic Floor Plans


Windward | By Aeroworks Productions | 4K HD

Kenosha County Golf Promo | HD 4K |

Aerial Sample Reel

Waukegan National Airport

Abandoned City United Methodist Church | Gary Indiana