Air Effects Photography is managed by myself, Adam Marquart. I have been designing residential homes for over 20 years (and counting). I consider myself lucky because I love what I do, and it doesn't feel like work. I am finding out that the process of visualizing the shape of a home before my pencil hits the paper is the same as framing a photo or video shot. When designing a home, I will consider what the view will be from inside the home looking out, as well where that window is on the outside. I follow the same approach when filming any subject. I will storyboard the shots and flight path that will capture the best views. This process ensures it will all come together to make an excellent video.

I work for a high-end custom home builder, and that is what I have done for my whole career. That experience is why I enjoy filming real estate and construction projects. I appreciate good design and detail, it is a part of every home. I can find it and present that detail to a potential buyer. Since I do work for a builder, I am spoiled with a lot of different projects at different stages of construction to film. While shooting the various phases, I realized that an sUA can be used to ensure a new roof was properly installed as well as inspect existing ones for damage.

The construction of a new home is fun to document, but the transformation of a remodel project can be better. Remodels don't always involve an addition to the existing house it can also include landscaping. Landscapes can show the dramatic change of a homes look and capturing that before-and-after makes an excellent memory.
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  Editing, Real Estate

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