About A Higher Perspective

Why Aerial Photography?
Aerial drone photography provides a unique perspective to showcase your property in the best light possible. Professional drone footage enables potential buyers to view their new home from a higher perspective and decreases the time the property sits on the market.

Who am I?
Trained by Drone U, I am an FAA Part 107 Certificate holder. I've had a love for aviation and photography for years and this is the perfect opportunity to use both talents to assist others. A Higher Perspective serves the northern Illinois area, providing a local pilot who knows your neighborhood.

Want to see examples of our work?
Visit our website, DronePilotForU.weebly.com, and check out our Instagram page, @ahigherperspectivesycamore

How can you contact me for pricing?
Simply reply to this email letting me know you would like to work with me or visit my website for more information.
Email: [email protected]
Website: DronePilotForU.weebly.com
Instagram: @ahigherperspectivesycamore ($5 off your order if you follow and comment on our Instagram page!)


Drone Reel: A Higher Perspective