Aeronautix Media brings a unique mix of aerial and traditional photography. Our combination of technical knowledge and creativity provides an unparalleled service to an industry that forgot about the art. Our mission is to ensure your project gets the coverage it deserves and to deliver a final product that never fails to leave a lasting impression with your audience.

We are capable of consistently providing high-quality and unique content through our in-house editing team. We are always open to making adjustments to suit your needs so we can build an excellent final product together. This is, after all, a creative process. Aeronautix Media's ease of delivery is partly due to the fact that we can provide a dedicated drone operator, traditional photographer, and editor to provide a more comprehensive documentation of the event or project.

Our top priorities are safety and legal adherence. That means that we do all the legal paperwork, leaving no headaches or frustrations for the client. We have a strict code of conduct and devise all our flight plans and emergency procedures to ensure that each project is as safe as possible. We are licensed by the FAA and carry the cost of insurance for each job.

If you have any more questions about our services and values, please feel free to contact us!
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