Real Estate Drone Videos are the most cutting edge way to showcase your property because it allows future tenants, developers or investors a 360 degree view at what you have to offer. Aeronaut Solutions works with: hospitals, retirement communities, resorts and just about any commercial real-estate structure to optimize its exposure in the highly competitive market. Its one thing to see photographs but another to actually feel like you are walking inside and scoping it out…or even better yet…to have a bird’s eye view!

ReaLtors and prospective buyers alike can save time by watching a 30 second drone video before venturing out to the property to gage if it’s even worthwhile. Why make your buyers guess any longer about what you have to offer? Using aerial drone videography to capture the experience leads to less time on the market because it shows first hand how spectacular your property is! Pictures are a thing of the past; give your clients the experience they deserve to close the deal.

Hospitality drone videos are an excellent way to attract both guests and developers alike by enhancing your real-estate portfolio. Sure people can read that you have an oceanside resort or are at the top of a luxurious, snowcapped ski mountain but will it be as powerful as having drone videography soaring through the scenery? Increase your occupancy by enticing guests before they arrive by actually flying through the amenities!

Aeronaut Solutions works with hotels of all sizes and locations, whether it is a boutique bed and breakfast in the country or a prominent hotel chain. No matter the size or scope of work–big or small– we are determined to increase our clients’ market valuation and guest experience. Drone videography for hospitality is even more beneficial when the exterior needs repairs: a new roof, the lights, adding solar panels, or assessing the condition of the current HVAC unit, where heat is escaping in the winter and air in summer.

Drone videos for retirement communities are beneficial from both a development and client acquisition standpoint. Drone videos can be used when a new retirement community is being built from the ground up to show a work in progress and document the completion to present to future investors and developers for new projects.

By visually tracking the progress, you can present benchmarks and logs onto new developments. It allows cross-functional teams to work in tandem by coordinating and planning the processes from design to completion. Your drone videos will show it takes X days to excavate the land, X to lay the foundation, X for beams, etc. One of the best features is that drone videography shows things such as weather and workers behavior, things paperwork won’t.

Drone videos for outdoor events are instrumental in capturing all the glory and turnout of an event to help raise fundraising, promotion and buzz the following year/next event. Potential vendors/sponsors are more inclined to commit to your venue when they see the turnout versus reading broad statistics of attendees.

We work with cities, governmental agencies and venue owner/operators to shoot at festivals, stadiums, concerts, sporting events, ballparks and various other outdoor event with large crowds.

Utilities, including gas, electric, water and sewage can all benefit from drone videos. Drones are ideal for assessing storm damage on transmissions and distribution assets in real time when access is limited or restricted due to road closures, inclement weather and various other acts of Mother Nature. Aerial drones can quickly locate downed power lines and help restoration crews optimize recovery work, saving valuable time and money.

Aeronaut Solutions uses the most cutting edge thermal and infrared cameras to detect hot spots on power lines in real time. Gone are the days of deploying high-cost helicopters or large ground fleets to manually survey lines for damage and alert crews. Streamline operations by getting crews to the scenes faster and become proactive by establishing a simplified drone schedule to survey power lines and have our team provide you with the most comprehensive analytical data in the industry.

Drone videos for hospitals are primarily useful during construction and general maintenance. Hospital construction tends to be highly competitive and labor intensive. Mitigate this process by having a drone survey new or existing land, external areas such as windows, the roof and HVAC units to assess whether they need to be replaced or even to patrol the parking lots as a security mechanism. Hospitals can also use drone videography as a means to monitor the landscaping and cleanliness of the exterior.

Drone videos aren’t just cool but also have the ability to provide a plethora of analytical data, and in many cases its data that you’ve never even thought twice about, but that will save you lots of money! For example, you might be a prospective commercial real estate investor and are heading to see a property with the Realtor. Records show a new roof was installed 3yrs ago. However, Aerial Drone Clips flies over the property, accompanying you on your tour, and notices not only a shabby roof with shingles missing but also the gutters backed-up and huge water puddles everywhere!

Your outdoor event had lower turnout and revenues than expected, despite idyllic weather conditions. All internal team members and external consultants are hypothesizing about what caused this. Other events in the city? Poor marketing, and execution? High cost of tickets? Good thing you had your Aeronaut Solutions video handy, because, despite all the typical guesses only the drone could see the obvious signs analysts couldn’t: a bottleneck in the food area!

Designating all the food in one place created too much congestion. Lines were too long, because people usually eat around the same time in the afternoon and evening. If people had to wait more that 5 minutes they just left. Navigating the food lines was too overwhelming and more thought in planning should be taken in the future.

Similarly, at a sporting event, security is high. A fight breaks out and a suspected victim claims your security guard used unnecessary force on him when he was an innocent bystander. All you need to do is review your Aeronaut Solutions video and see the actual events that transpired, and avoid highly expensive litigation.

Aeronaut Solutions deploys drones with thermal imaging that are ideal for our HVAC and construction clients. Let’s face it, nobody likes feeling like they are “being sold,” especially with a product or industry they know little about. When your clients see the heat escaping from their roof in the cold winter months, via drone thermal imaging, we’re sure they’d be more inclined to update their heating or roof! Sure nobody likes getting high energy bills, but a paper print out only goes so long in convincing a client to pull the trigger on such a capital investment. The proof is in the imaging!
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