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Average hourly rate $250
Location Moorpark, CA
AeroCEMS provides professional services for airborne monitoring of industrial pollution sources including stacks, area monitoring and fugitive emissions from pipelines and industrial processes. We also offer sales, rentals, training and service for custom Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) hardware compete with the UAV coupled with a selection of sensor payloads for monitoring air toxins, hydrocarbons, VOCs and other pollutant gases. Our UAS solutions include all necessary hardware (airborne and ground), software and data collection applications configured as a complete turn-key solution. We can also configure our UAVs with advanced imaging devices (FLIR, thermal, night vision, high resolution video, etc) for inspection of industrial infrastructure and power lines, fire fighting, search and rescue, surveillance, crime fighting, etc. We also have many years of experience filming and producing cinematic quality video using our UAV platforms.
Member since Oct. 2, 2018
License # 3934690
Insurance coverage $2.0 Million
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