Since the start of my law enforcement career, I have achieved many goals. One of which was to develop and implement a sUAS or "Drone" Program into the department's operations. This new program has proven to be beneficial during the day to day operations as it has assisted road patrol crews in locating fleeing suspects, obtaining aerial photographs for evidence purposes, and conducting surveillance.

Having both a passion for flying small unmanned aerial systems and the entrepreneur spirit, I have founded "Brennaman Aerial Services, LLC.”

Brennaman Aerial Services LLC., has a network of drone pilots who collect aerial data and provide deliverables matching the client’s needs with the use of drone technology. We strive to ensure an excellent experience from beginning to end and take pride in the product we deliver to our clients. Our pilots have prior training and experience in the following fields: Commercial Inspections, Construction, Residential Home Inspection, Real Estate, and Advertisement.

  Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Roof Inspection

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot