About Wiggins Tech

Whether you are after a great memorable shot of your family vacation, or something a little more practical like inspecting your roof and gutters, we are at your service!

Wiggins Tech will provide you with the expertise of a certified UAV pilot. We can get you the shots you want, while you sit back and watch the fun! Then our team of editors will go through the footage and pick out the best scenes, with the option of adding music.
If you would like to view a sample video of our capabilities, go to YouTube and search for "Wiggins Tech Drone Aerial Photography Sample."

Our services are useful in a variety of applications:
~Action Shots
~Construction Inspections
~Crop inspections
~Livestock inspections
~Real estate advertisements
~Scenic shots
~Sporting events
Bring your imagination and the sky's the limit to what we can do for you!


Scenic music video sample

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