About West Texas Aerials

Shawn Lamm has been an avid aviation enthusiast his entire life. When he was 17, he joined the US Coast Guard where he was able to fly in both the HH-65 Dolphin as well as the HH-60 Jayhawk and absolutely loved it! He received his Honorable discharge and was able to use the GI Bill to get both his Associates in Arts as well as his Bachelors Of Science.

Shawn has spent the last 10+ years working a successful career in both advertisement and sales. He’s dedicated himself to working with leading companies within different industries, and combines his years of experience with interpersonal disciplines and principles. Throughout his extensive career, he’s been recognized as a valued industry partner, and successful client advocate. His passion for business and compassion for people shows in all that he does.

In 2015, with the emerging capabilities of drones, Shawn decided to turn his hobby passion in aviation into a business and started West Texas Aerial Photography and Videography.


McPherson Cellars - Flying INSIDE

Fall Fest 2016

4B Bike Festival - Brownfield, TX

Mud Volleyball Event

The Railroad Bridge

Aerial Dolly Shot

The Aerial Forward Reveal

Apartment Aerial Marketing