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About O’Madden’s

My name is Shawn C. Madden. I have made my name the name of my company because my name will stand behind my work.
My maternal grandfather, Wm. Clarke Haney gave himself the nom de plume of Veracity O’Haney. He wanted his name to unmistakably reflect his Irish heritage. He also wanted to lend credence to the stories he wrote so he adopted Veracity (Latin based, reflecting ‘truth’) as his given name. I have copied him in both veins.
I am retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years on active duty and in the reserves. I am also retired after 20 years as a seminary professor.
While serving as a professor I supplemented by income to pay for my flying by doing aerial photography. I did the flying and a fellow professor did the outstanding photographics. We made some money from it but mainly enjoyed flying and shooting pictures while hanging outside the window of a Cessna 172 and watching North Carolina’s beautiful landscape slide past.
In my double retirement, I have determined not to ‘take my pack off’ and sit back and do nothing – I am still young! So, I have turned my hobby into a business. Timing has impacted this decision in that Cessna’s are not as popular or cost effective a platform as they used to be. The world has turned to drone photography. And so have I.
What I bring from the world of actual aircraft flying is a superb and intimate understanding of the airspaces in place in the United States, an understanding of the fundamentals of flight (a drone is just a different airplane), and the experience to know what a good aerial shot is.
I come to the scene of drone aerial photographer as someone dedicated to hard work, precision, timeliness, and a keen eye.
I am not the cheapest – my prices reflect my years of experience, my expertise, and my dedication to providing my clients with the best possible product available.
I have the experience, the expertise, the dedication; and I have my name stamped on my work.


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