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Average hourly rate $75
Location Grand Rapids, MI
Will travel up to 180 miles
My overall experience with UAV/Drones is; I have been flying RC planes, helicopters, quadcopters/drones.... almost anything you can think of. I have been doing this since I was 7 years old, it's safe to say now that I've been flying RC aircraft for a little more than 11 years. I am a registered FAA part 107 commercial pilot. I have performed a variety of tasks such as taking aerial videos and pictures of commercial businesses. Iv'e also performed tasks such as working with realtors to provide them with HD aerial photography and videography of real estate. So far I have loved being a part of this job and always hope to do more of it.
I have a very professional DJI Phantom 4 drone with extra added on equipment, my drone takes up to 4k videos and pictures.
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So far as I've worked in this business I have really never liked to charge by the hour. Instead, I charge for the number of pictures my clients want per session.
These are my current prices for one location:
1 Picture 75$
5 Pictures: 100$
10 Pictures: 150$
15 Pictures: 200$
20 Pictures: 250$
30 Pictures: 300$
NOTE: Please keep in mind that these prices are very cheap compared to other UAV commercial pilots. I also do color correcting for the pictures without any extra charge.
If this would be something you would consider please let me know.
Thanks, - Michael :)
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