About LF8 Aerial Productions

.Jaime developed a passion for Photography at a young age. His mother had a dark room in their basement and her guidance helped develop his “eye” for composition. In High school he won multiple awards for his photographs, but decided to pursue other fields in college.

“I love photography and wanted to practice professionally, but didn’t want to be stuck taking senior pictures for the rest of my life.”

In college, he focused on Website design, editing, and internet marketing and started various internet businesses to practice and hone his skills. Once the commercial Drone industry developed, he saw the perfect opportunity.

“With LF8 Aerial Productions I found a way to combine my different fields of expertise. We created packages that not only take and develop footage for our clients, but also show them the methods of getting it in front of their target market for a fraction of what they are currently paying on traditional advertising.”

Jaime is a Part 107 Certified UAV pilot and heads the division in Arizona.


Avila Drive, Fountain Hills AZ