About OnTopoView

On Topo View is a Traditional & Aerial Photography Company. We specialize in high level drone aerial photography and ground level photography. We use sophisticated small drone aircraft that can carry 4K HD cameras on a stabilized camera gimbal and top of the line cameras for the perfect shot. The great thing about drone aerial video is that we can capture the true nature of the surroundings without disturbing anything like a traditional helicopter. This allows us to capture a truly intimate shot every time. We are also able to get where no person or standard aircraft can go. Perhaps the greatest advantage to using our services over traditional manned helicopters, is price. We fly for FREE, and only charge for the supplies used to deliver the footage and the labor for editing. We have used our services for real estate, weddings, parties, home surveys, nature, or just about anything you want to see from the sky, we will make sure it looks epic!


Lake Erie Cliffs

Allegheny Mountains

North East PA at Sunset