About Extreme Aerial Productions - Aerial Artistry for Lifestyle, Action and Commerce

Using Extreme Aerial Productions be it at a Resort to film the perfect guest experience. Or on a golf course to capture that hole by hole perfect ball flight video. Or a simple construction layout shot or even better...our favorite a demolition video. Even at a wedding, showing the party and its backdrop and finalizing in that perfect dronie of all in attendance. Having a company that not only can fly safely, correctly and capture that "moment" is paramount. at any of these destinations, ...Working for Directors, Producers, Cinematographers composing that perfect shot is demanding, challenging and highly rewarding. And is our pedigree, and it's what we live for! - Understanding your footprint on set, composing the right shot, ensuring your footage is perfectly exposed, balanced and graded in flight so time in post is reduced is what we understand and strive for - not everything is done on the first take - but we listen, we challenge ourselves and now with our new live streaming technology we give the directors/customers a whole new lease on getting that "perfect shot" live and in flight.
Working with the team at Extreme Aerial Productions will ensure the shot, the video, the message or story is conveyed perfectly!


A Sizzle Reel of some of the cool stuff we do....

A simple Real Estate Video - this world for luxury homes and track homes.

An amazing Pool company you should hire