About Capture Big Moments, LLC

We serve the community by creating advertising and marketing videos with the help of a drone.
We are happy to help you, whether your needs are real state, weddings, roof inspections or events.

Operating drones under FAA part-107 (Commercial) regulations, and having an insurance policy of up to $ 2.5M in liability coverage our commitment to safety is part of our culture.
Every detail we take in to account pays off and allows us to be proud of a completely incident/accident free portfolio.
Our pilot (Fully certified by the FAA) is in fact a real Commercial Airplane Pilot flying drones in the same careful way as he does when transporting passengers all over the U.S. This record allows him to be familiar and proficient with airspace regulations.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote at [email protected] or by calling 1-(312)-792-8482.


St Louis from the sky


Clayton from the sky


Drone Art Churches of Saint Louis